Spinning and Weaving

Here are some of the things I’ve done with either spinning or weaving.

This is a distaff I made for spinning flax.

My three different distaffs I use for my spinning

Spinning at a demo for the Barony of Bhakail.Spinning in Court (at the back so as to not disrupt court, ahem)

Some of my weaving

This was woven with wool that I had spun. It was given as a gift to a friend in the SCA.

Another pouch I had woven, the dark wool I had spun as well. This was given to a friend in the SCA as well.

This is a pouch I wove for myself. I spun the wool used in this pouch as well. I like spinning and weaving if you can’t tell.

This was a design I had made to be woven into pouches and handed out as thank you gifts for people who made my awards in the past.

The extra pouches at the bottom row I gave to one of our Kings and Queens so as to be handed out as gifts to the populace as they saw fit.