Purses and Pouches

The following are some of the purses and pouches I have made over time. Some of them I taught classes for at Pennsic and in the Barony of Bhakail.

Various Pouches and Purses

The following is a link to the class notes that were used to teach how to make the pouches in the above images. The document may not be copied or used without my express permission.
class 1 simple purse FINAL

class 1- Pouch & Money Purse Final

Please note that there are images that are used from the book

Olaf Goubitz and ed. Hemmy Clevis, trans. Xandra Bardet, Purses in Pieces (Uitgevers, Zwolle: Stichitching Promotie
Archeologie. 2009)

Medieval Tooled Purse

I decided to make myself a tooled leather purse for a competition that was being held at a local event.