Leather Coronets

4 Leather cornets of late

The Leather Coronet of Alesone Gray of Cranlegh (Fighting Panda)

I was given the honor by Alesone to make a leather coronet for her elevation to Laurel. She wanted a coronet that would reflect her newly apointed position and her persona. I used one of her previous ideas for her heraldry, which had a alternating diamond background and a flaming sheep.It was agreed that she wanted the coronet to be silver with pearls. I decided to tool the base band with the diamond pattern in her heraldry. I also cut out two twigs with leaves that would be wet and molded and sewn. I then went and shaped and tooled the leaves to give them more of a realistic feel. I decided that I would use small fresh water pearls on silver metal wire to make small clusters of berries representing the 6 pearls of a Baron/ess. I painted all the pieces and then sewed them together. I then tooled and applied the flaming sheep to the front of the coronet. She wears the coronet mostly on the field when doing rapier duties.

Leather Coronet for Barony of Bhakail

Leather Coronet for QB

A good friend of mine asked if I might be able to make her a leather coronet because her regular coronet was very heavy and tended to give her headaches. She wanted something with Grapes and bees. I wanted to give the coronet some depth and chose to make multiple layers for the coronet. The background had vertical stripes with a loop at the top which would hold a pearl. I wanted to then have a vine of leaves going around with grape cluster hanging and bees sitting on the grapes. I cut out the two base layers and sewed and glued them together, I also gilded them before attaching the vine and grapes. I made the grape clusters out of amethyst beads. I also carved the bees out of leather after I had applied a cuir boilli technique using very hot water to harden them.  I also wet and shaped the leaves and vines to give them depth. When all was said and done I then sewed the rest of the pieces together to finish it.