Bottles and Drinkware

Leather Bottles

These are some of the leather bottles I’ve made. I cut two pieces of leather the same shape, similar to what the finished bottle would be. I sewed the sides together and left the top open. I wet the leather and then cut the designs into the front of the bottle, making sure not to cut all the way through. I then packed rice inside the bottle shape. When it was mostly full I would take the handle and then slam the leather bottle down onto the floor. Turning and hitting the various sides to help stretch the leather out. I would then fill it again with more rice and continue until I was happy with the shape. I then filled it with more rice and corked it and let it sit in the sun to dry completely. When it was completely dry, I poured the rice out. I then carefully dunk the bottle in hot bees wax and let it absorb the wax, you would see air bubbles escaping. When the bubbles stopped, I carefully removed the bottle and let it start to harden some. After a few minutes I wiped the surface of the bottle clean of extra bees wax. I then hung the bottle to dry. Sometimes I would fill it with cool to cold water so it would keep it’s shape while the wax hardened. Once the wax was hardened and making sure that there was no moisture from water (if I used it) inside the bottle, I then poured more beeswax into the bottle and swirled it around and poured it out. I did this a few times to make sure the bottle was completely lined with wax, which would help seal the inside of the bottle.


Vlads Mugs

I made these for Vlads campsite for Pennsic one year.


Griffons Mug

This is a mug I was commissioned by a friend at Timberwolfe Household. I made the whole design and tooled it into leather. I sewed it together and then waxed it. It’s huge btw. Like “really” huge. 🙂


Kanthros “Cauldron of Life”

So this is one of my personal drinking vesels. It’s a leather Kanthros. They were never made out of leather in history. Normally they were either made of metal or clay. They either had 2 or 3 handles and were mean for sharing. I loved the idea of this so much I ventured out to make one for myself out of leather. I wrapped the base leather over a blow-up ball that was my daughters.  I then cut and sewed the side seam. I then sewed the bottom on and then the handles. I carved and tooled it before I sewed the handles on. I then soaked it in beeswax and lined it with a mixture of beeswax and brewers pitch.


Kanthros 2

This is a Kanthros that I made for a couple in the SCA in the Northern Region of the East Kingdom. They had seen mine and wanted one of their own. I hope they are still enjoying it!