My name in the SCA is Angela Mori. My persona is an female artisan who works for her father, a well known artist during the late to 1400’s into the early 1500’s. I lived in Florence, Italy.

In the SCA I spend much of my time studying the arts and learning how things were made during the early middle ages into the renaissance timeline. Most of my focuses deal with leatherwork. I also have dabbled in many other arts, including the use and application of different gessos, calligraphy, and clothing. I also have learned the different ways of spinning and some applications to weaving and cloth making. My expertise is in the making of the leather helm crest, of which I have made 3 so far along with some small demo pieces to show the progress of how they were made. I never turn down the chance to learn new art forms, recently making a book. All of the arts I have made can be found through out the site.

Please keep in mind this site is being worked on. Thank you.

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